Marketing Services

Business Presentations

Concept, design and an effective message are key in a business presentation. Our creative design team can help to produce the right message and materials for your business presentation.

Marketing Plan

A detailed marketing plan includes a strategy for relaying your message to your audience and lays out a budget to reach your goals in a timely fashion.

Market Research

Knowing your target market is key in developing a strategy and budget that will effectively reach your audience. Research, experience in the market, surveys and polling data are all critical in determining your target market.

Product Launch

When you reveal your product for the first time, it is essential that every aspect of what you are trying to accomplish is understood and conveyed to your target market in the most effective way.

Media Services

How to Work with the Media

There are many different forms of media that can be effective for a business or personal venture.  It takes an experienced team to budget and plan for the media that will work best for that specific purpose in order to ensure that money is not wasted in areas that will not be effective.

Media Planning

So many businesses and campaigns waste time and money on a “shotgun” approach to marketing rather than being selective and strategic with their media planning. The strategy for a media campaign is one that takes time and planning as well as an experienced team that will research the market and determine the most effective path for your message.

Multi-media Production

From conceptualization to production, Quest Communications can help to convey your message through print media, direct mail, television, radio, web and social media.

Websites that Work

With the internet growing at such a rapid pace, it is important that a website serves the purpose that it was created for.  Websites should provide information about a company or project and should drive the user to action.

Additional Services

Events Planning

Whether you are planning an event to market a product or raise money for your cause, materials and message are key to bringing the right audience to your event.


Raising money can be an expensive and tedious venture on it’s own.  An experienced team can develop a strategy to effectively contact the right people without wasting time and effort.

Public Relations

Communicating your brand or message to the public in a clear and concise way can be accomplished in many ways.  A convoluted or confusing message can work against your venture; therefore, planning and experience are important when dealing with your public image.


Quest Communication Consultants is a full service public relations and marketing firm located in Louisiana. We provide services that include, but are not limited to: branding (logo design, concept, web design), media consulting (print, radio and television), media production, media placement, and fundraising.

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